Please remember:  Your cars are not reserved until we confirm this in writing (by email) with you - we will usually do so within 24 hours of receipt of your completed booking form and fee.
The balance of the total booking cost is payable 30 days prior to your wedding.
If you wish to change anything, add ribbons or champagne, update an address, etc, let us know as soon as possible (please note we will only accept changes from the original hirer). A simple booking form is available - simply complete and return it to us, we will check availibilty and send you a draft  reservation with the detailed costs of your booking - it is then entirely up to you to accept and confirm the booking - you will be under no obligation to accept.
You may pay the booking fee and the balance by bank transfer, cheque, cash, credit/debit card or paypal, as & when stage payments are also accepted.
If you have any questions at all please call us, we are more than happy to help. 
A few tips......
Timings: usually, the only critical timing is the Ceremony itself, you should plan to arrive with at least 5 minutes to spare – this will give you the chance to be greeted by your bridesmaids, to sort out any last minute dress or make up issues and it will give you a chance to catch your breath. You should always allow twice the normal journey time from your leaving address, to the ceremony venue, don’t worry if you are a little early, the cars will divert locally and ensure you arrive on time. Its far safer (and less stressful) to have time to spare than be late.
Also allow time immediately after the ceremony – all your family and friends congratulating the married couple can take up a lot of time, your photographer will usually want to take pictures at the ceremony venue – as will your guests – you should allow at least 20 minutes for this, but remember there may be a wedding following yours, so this may not always be practical.
Your arrival time at the reception venue is usually less critical, in fact it can be very helpful to be a few minutes late – this will give your guests the chance to arrive and get parked – we will (if requested) take a longer route to the reception – or even park up* (to check hair/make up etc) for a few minutes if you wish. Your arrival at the reception venue will then be a suitably grand affair, befitting the occasion.
Photographs with the cars will usually take place straight after your arrival, you will probably remain in the car for around ten minutes after you have arrived – everyone will have cameras and video recorders aimed at you for the next hour or so -  so keep that smile fixed at all times!
* your chauffeur will also lower the roof, fit our traditional old tin cans and the just married sign if you wish – this will take around 5 minutes, so ample time to check make up.
If we can help in any way at all to make your day perfect – just ask us, it really is as important to us as it is to you!
Please contact us if you have any questions, we are always very happy to help if we can. Call us on 01322 384669 or email us on i[email protected]
Please contact us without delay if your wedding date is within the next 12 months - our cars are always in demand and availability is obviously limited.