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Our price guarantee

If you book a year, 2 years or even 3 years in advance, you will still only pay the prices we quote you when you book. If our prices increase, if fuel, insurance, wages and all our other costs increase - you will still pay the same - thats our guarantee!

We always have special deals on offer at the various wedding shows we attend,   you can see our cars (you can also get in/out check for comfort etc) and talk to us, get a no obligation quote and get all possible details at;
2018 Wedding Shows​ 
9 Sept – Marriott Bexleyheath
16 Sept – Westerham Golf Course
23 Sept – Corn Exchange Rochester
30 Sept – Holiday Inn Bexley
7 Oct – The Inn on the Lake
13-14 Oct – Bluewater
21 Oct – Holiday Inn Bexley
28 Oct – Hilton Dartford

2019 Wedding Shows

12-13 Jan Bluewater
20 Jan Holiday Inn Rochester
10 Feb Orchard Theatre Dartford
17 Feb The Inn on the Lake
3 Mar Westerham Golf Club
17 March Hilton Dartford
19 May The Inn on the Lake
2 June Bexleyheath Marriott
If you book more than one car with us, we will discount your total fees by £50, if you book 3 cars with us, we will discount your total fees by £100.

Our ever changing offers at shows, range from price reductions, to free champagne, free printed ribbons and a whole range of other great deals.​

Need tickets to the shows? - give us a call, we can usually offer free tickets.

If you feel that a certain package is not quite long enough, you can always add a further 30 minutes hire for a small extra charge - we call this Package PLUS, for example Cowley Bronze PLUS will allow 2.5 Hrs on hire - for just £40 more. This is a far better way of booking, it is less expensive than overtime hire charges (£70 per half hour) and gives you the advantage of knowing your fees in advance and you can relax knowing that you have plenty of time.
We attend many wedding shows throughout the year, we usually have further great offers at the shows and these are offered to people that visit us and talk to us during the show. Please come and see us and our cars at the above listed shows, you never know - we may just offer you a half price deal - or perhaps free champagne - or even give away a free bridal car for the day!